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Secret Hack for Gaining Mobility and Strength (w/o pain)

Sep 20, 2022

Your brain has been keeping secrets from you. Not in a “Mean Girls” kind of way, but more so an “I didn’t know you cared about this, so I never told you” way. 

A New POV of Pharmacy: Seeing the Big Picture

July 6,2022

My name is Tori Zambito, and I am a pharmacist. This means my expertise is in addressing  various health conditions with treatments such as prescriptions....

Twelve Mood-Boosting Foods that Won’t Break the Bank

Jun 16, 2022

Recently, Movement Genius hosted a special class led by health coach and clinical trauma educator Annette Mai. Along with her many certifications.... 

Are Affirmations the Missing Key to Your Mental Health?

June 15, 2022

Affirmations are brief statements intentionally designed to encourage self-empowerment and a shift in mindset.

10 Journal Prompts for Reflection

May 28, 2022

Simply browse these journal prompts and pick one or a few that seem interesting at the moment.

6 Step Process for Triggers

May 28, 2022

Try this 6-step process for managing triggers. This process interpolates concepts from Integrative Psychotherapy and trauma expert Peter Levine. 

Strong Boundaries = Better Relationships

September 17, 2022

For most of us, having a roommate is a standard part of our college experience, but having a good roommate relationship is quite essential to both your academic and social success.

Body Neutrality > Body Positivity

September 15, 2022

Body Positivity: we all have heard of it, and in principle, it is a great concept. Having a positive outlook on your body and self boosts your confidence and helps raise your sense of self-worth. 

Books to Read After a Mental Breakdown

September 14, 2022

We’ve all been there. Either because of a bad day, a stressful week at school, or even an unexpected event, we’ve all experienced moments of despair or panic. 

Managing Your Wellbeing in a World Crisis

August 16, 2022

There is a lot happening in our world right now. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti and Afghanistan are in crisis. Likely your social feeds are filled with triggering images and stories that can leave you feeling helpless, scared and angry. 

Hustle Culture can Go to Hell

July 26, 2022

"Hustle culture" is a term that refers to the belief that working as much as possible to achieve professional and financial goals— no matter the cost— is a good thing. 

Healing Your Inner Child

June 28, 2022

Your boss asks you to complete a new assignment by morning—so you stay up late getting it done even though you planned to spend the evening trying a new recipe. You get a sense of accomplishment from... 

How to Heal and Overcome Your Trauma

January 19, 2022

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping).  This is one of my favorites.  You’ll hear me talk about this intervention and technique in pretty much everything I do or have written about.  That’s how powerful it is.  

How Movement Keeps You Stuck In Your Head

February 14, 2022

Many of us know that movement is good for our bodies and minds, but did you know that how you move can actually be what is contributing to your stress and anxiety?  Movement isn’t just about what you add into your day, but how you already exist in your body. 

Comparison is Killing a Generation

September 19, 2022

Comparison is killing us slowly. We all have people we admire. But there’s a fine line between admiration and jealousy. It's healthy and natural to jealous, but what happens when it takes over your thoughts and feelings?

Affirmations to Support Stress Relief and Recovery

May 28, 2022

Studies prove that positive affirmations help activate parts of the brain that are associated with self-related processing and reward. 

Why I Dance to Reset

May 10, 2022

Dance has always been a grounding tool for me. When I’ve lost my way, when I’ve been down and out and in a dark space, dance has been my savior, my safe space, my refuge.

The Power of Daily Mental Health Routines

March 28, 2022

Building up a toolkit and finding the tools you like the best makes caring for your mental wellbeing much easier on a daily basis.

Surviving a Terrible College Roommate

September 14, 2022

College. Some say it’s the best time of your life, full of parties, new people, and major procrastination.  But if there isn’t something all the Google searches and YouTube vlogs might not prepare you for, it’s this: not all college roommates get along.

3 Tips for a Stress-Free College Semester

September 12, 2022

On Tik Tok, there’s a trend that has been popping up all over my For You Page: college freshmen documenting their first day of college, only to claim to go back home in a matter of days or face absolute catastrophe. 

Wellbeing and Art

September 1, 2022

There is no need to detail the difficulties of life right now — 18 months of pandemic, global humanitarian crises, hurricanes, California on fire, a 20-year war ending.. I’m going to pause the list because I can feel my insides beginning to twitch.

Unlocking Mental Potential through Movement

March 11, 2022

Your movements just like your thoughts are ingrained habits.  When you move in new ways and challenge these habits you can learn to manage your emotions and become a more resilient person.

Intro to Jiu-Jitsu

March 1, 2022

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that originated in Japan and is becoming increasingly more popular in the West, especially for self-defense and empowerment purposes. Anna Pirkl, LMFT and Dr. Jamie Marich will lead you through several fundamental components to the philosophy and practice.

Meet Rodrigo | Adaptive Yoga Instructor

February 27, 2022

A few years ago I had  a fall accident and broke my back. Due to that, I am now a full-time wheelchair user and I have a complete t3 spinal cord injury.