Affirmations to Support Stress Relief and Recovery

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Affirmations to Support Stress Relief and Recovery

Studies prove that positive affirmations help activate parts of the brain that are associated with self-related processing and reward. The same studies also indicate that positive affirmations can help build or restore self-competence. This means when you're feeling overwhelmed or experiencing triggering thoughts and situations, you can rely on these positive affirmations to rewire how you will respond to those situations. 

Grab a sticky note and start posting these affirmations around your room, car, and office. 

  1. I can start where I am.
  2. My purpose is clear even when details are uncertain.
  3. It’s okay if I don’t know; I can figure it out.
  4. I choose to adapt in ways that enhance my health
  5. I embrace accountability
  6. I set myself up with the right structure to succeed.
  7. I’m flexible with change.
  8. I use my voice to state my needs.
  9. I’m willing to do the deep work and it always pays off
  10. I am brave enough to be honest with myself.
  11. When previous fears return, I remember that I’ve made it this far.
  12. I acknowledge my daily victories, small and big.
  13. I have a growth mindset.
  14. I can handle complex situations.
  15. I feel comfortable and whole within myself.
  16. I focus my energy towards positive goals.
  17. I love being me.
  18. I am kind with myself.
  19. I am dependable and trustworthy.
  20. My values and my actions are aligned.
  21. My health is a valuable priority. 
  22. I make time to move throughout my day. 
  23. Making time to rest is just as important as moving. 
  24. I enjoy making decisions that improve my health
  25. I prefer foods that nourish my body 
  26. I’m clear about who I am
  27. I continue to develop and hone skills every year 
  28. I create warm and trusting relationships
  29. I recognize which people see me authentically
  30. When things don’t go as planned, I feel  competent at making adjustments 
  31. I have space to care about others’ emotions and well-being
  32. I release the habits that create chaos in my life.
  33. I release reactions that create overwhelm. 
  34. I gravitate toward peace
  35. I am cultivating real well-being. 
  36. I quickly recover from disappointments 
  37. I pay attention to the lessons I can learn from experiences 
  38. I make time to learn about myself
  39. I am connected to many kinds of motivation 
  40. Being optimistic helps me spot new opportunities 
  41. My life is valuable and worthwhile
  42. I’m so proud of myself 
  43. I value how I am feeling, and what my feelings are trying to tell me.
  44. I’m worthy and deserving of the highest good.
  45. I release the burdens of guilt, shame and self-criticism.
  46. I toss out any hints of self-sabotage.
  47. I embrace the story that things that can work out for me.
  48. I have the courage to admit mistakes
  49. I’m interested in being my best and making things right.
  50. I grow through shortcomings, accidents and failures.
  51. I’m building trust and a strong foundation.
  52. I have help and support on the journey.
  53. I’m claiming my power.
  54. I breathe through intense energy.
  55. I am at ease and confident in my skin.
  56. Setting boundaries for myself is healthy and respectable
  57. No is a complete sentence.
  58. Life improves as I heal and mature.
  59. I release stress in a healthy way.
  60. Stress is a temporary state I can change.
  61. My body knows the way home to balance.
  62. My body is safe to relax.

Affirmations by Alyson Stoner, Co-Founder of Movement Genius


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