10 Journal Prompts for Reflection

journalprompt praticaltools self love suggestions wellness tips May 28, 2022

From Alyson Stoner & Movement Genius

Simply browse these journal prompts and pick one or a few that seem interesting at the moment.  


“The Spark…” What initially sparked your interest in your mind-body connection? What are you hoping to gain from trying mind-body tools?

“Here and Now…” What areas of your body do you feel connected to most? What areas of your body tend to feel numb or less connected, if any? 

“Inside, Outside, and All Around...” When it comes to building awareness, which is the easiest for you? Noticing internal sensations, external environment or your body’s position in space? Which is the most challenging? 

“Safe Spaces…” Bring to mind a variety of environments you inhabit throughout your week. What are 1-3 places or situations in which you feel safest and most yourself? Notice how your mind and body respond. Write or record any thoughts, sensations and kinds of embodiment that occur. 

“Personal Space…” Take some time to reflect on who and what you allow into your inner and outer spaces — your mind, your heart, your environment. Where would you like to be more selective with what you consume? Where do you want to invest more of your attention and energy? How do you want to relate to others and spaces? You deserve healthy, positive places to grow and heal. 

“Power Dynamics…” Reflect on your daily experiences and interactions surrounding power dynamics. Where do you have power over others? Where do you experience power under others? How about power with? How could developing your sense of agency shift your relationship to power? Get curious about any thoughts, emotions, beliefs or points of resistance that arise.

“Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…” What is one simple habit you’d like to establish? How can you use something you do everyday as a cue to perform this new habit (habit-stack)? What is one thing you can change in your schedule or environment to reduce friction and make it easier to carry out this habit?

“What’s Your Why…” What is your “why” when it comes to reconnecting with your body and transforming your embodiment? 

“Sculpture…” Imagine a typical day in your life from waking up to heading to bed. Identify 3 to 4 places you frequently go — perhaps your bedroom, a school or workplace, and somewhere you run errands. One by one, picture the kind of posture and position you typically have in each setting. If you’d like, adjust to that posture now and breathe into it for a few minutes. Notice any shifts in mood, energy and tension. Reflect on which settings, relationships and situations evoke open or closed body language. Where is your favorite place to be? Spend some extra time enjoying the comfort and positivity of this experience.

“Space Station…” All throughout the day, we take up different amounts of space. Depending on our culture, personality and so many factors, there are unique amounts of space that feel more natural or expected. Reflect on what it’s like to take up space. Does it come naturally or feel a bit unfamiliar? What people do you associate with taking up space? What amount of space feels most comfortable? How would you like to take up space or make space in the future?




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