A New POV of Pharmacy: Seeing the Big Picture

praticaltools wellness tips Jul 06, 2022

My name is Tori Zambito, and I am a pharmacist. This means my expertise is in addressing  various health conditions with treatments such as prescriptions, over-the-counter products, herbal supplements, vitamins, and even procedures. I get a lot of questions about the training involved in becoming a pharmacist. Typically, I describe it as similar to medical school except the focus is on treatment rather than diagnosis. What you may not know is that pharmacists are doctors who you can reach out to directly  in your community. We work in many settings and hold unique specialities;  I personally earned an Area of Emphasis in Global Health, as it is one of my greatest passions.

Global Health utilizes a personalized, culturally competent approach to healthcare. By understanding and accepting how others live, we can  tailor conversations and methods in healthcare at the individual level. For me, Global Health is my way of paving an easier path for patients to adopt  a healthier lifestyle. I find  multiple ways of broaching health topics and  creating space for open communication between healthcare providers like therapists, naturopaths, and other professionals.  At the center of this is building trustworthy patient-provider relationships, which is essential. 

As a Global Health advocate, I help others put all of the puzzle pieces together to create one cohesive, functional, and healthy way of life.If we want to embrace the big picture of our health, we should understand that it is made up of many working parts. These may include functional/holistic practices, western medicine, prescriptions, and cognitive behavioral therapy to name a few.The important point to remember is that it’s okay to have them all!

Humans are complex beings, so some people may need to use more than one strategy to find well-being. Accepting and embracing this allows all of these parts to work together in harmony and unity.

My goal is to promote global health in innovative ways to increase health literacy and access to care. I am very passionate about de-stigmatizing mental, physical, and emotional health and supporting comfortability around prioritizing health management. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I believe in providing accurate and up-to-date resources for people in a variety of learning styles that do not seem intimidating or overwhelming. For example, Movement Genius is a program with like-minded aspirations and the platform reaches people anywhere at any time. Together with Movement Genius, we can use global health concepts to teach others how to incorporate positive health practices into their daily lives.

So, here are a few tips to remember as you pursue your own well-being: :

  1. Try to learn about yourself! There are times when you will know your body like no one else does. So, learning the way you best operate can be the jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Take advantage of methods that work for you. It’s okay to take medication. It’s okay to use naturopathic remedies. It’s okay to go to therapy. If you need it, you need it. There’s no need to  hide or ignore any parts of your health.
  3. Let’s talk about it! A trustworthy patient-provider relationship is key to making progress. This helps providers come up with a plan that works specifically for you. Try to be as open as possible with your healthcare team.
  4. Research any resources at your disposal. There may be options you haven’t tried that can fill in gaps to your care. Access may be limited, which is why Movement Genius is here to help. You might even consider contacting a pharmacist!


I hope this offers a fresh perspective on the role of pharmacists in your health journey. I’m here to bridge the gap between all types of healthcare providers and the general public. I believe this can be done with a Global Health mindset. I aim to help eliminate hesitation, fear, misunderstanding, and lack of access where possible because this is YOUR health we’re managing. Let’s all work together to create the life you want to live. Follow Tori on Instagram at @torizambito


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