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interview praticaltools therapy Sep 01, 2021

There is no need to detail the difficulties of life right now — 18 months of pandemic, global humanitarian crises, hurricanes, California on fire, a 20-year war ending.. I’m going to pause the list because I can feel my insides beginning to twitch. I’ve had this restlessness and anxiety poke at my mental and physical being for months (years) now. In an effort to manage my responses to these layers of stress and trauma, I have been seeking support through less familiar methods. In fact, studies have shown that Art Therapy improves mood, and reduces pain and anxiety when offered bedside during acute hospital treatment, so why wouldn’t I try this at home too?! 

Here’s my truth: Talk therapy helps sometimes, especially when it’s related to boundary-setting with others who are disrupting my health and wellbeing. But for other instances, I have found that talk therapy isn’t really effective. I have found that integrating movement, breathwork and creativity have been guiding me to feel more grounded and stable. 

I’m not saying everyone needs to go pick up Adobe Photoshop, but I do want to introduce you to a Movement Genius follower that inspired me to start creating as a method to manage my mental health. 

My name is Callum, I'm from the UK and I'm a care assistant by day, artist by night. I love my job and in my spare time, I like to read, write and of course draw!

MG: Who introduced you to art as a therapeutic outlet?  

I guess I introduced it to myself, if that makes sense? During the lockdowns here in the UK, I had to find new things to keep me occupied, drawing being one of them. As I kept going, I found it so therapeutic. I [turn] my music on, grab my tablet and draw. It’s like Heaven!

MG: Who inspires you?

I'm inspired not only by my friends, family and lovely boyfriend, I'm also inspired by the world around me, especially looking at the different colours & patterns throughout nature. If you look at most of my artwork, you can see different colours & patterns from all sorts of different places!

MG: What is one tip you have for someone who doesn’t feel well in their body?

If you don't feel well in your body, I would say that you need to show yourself a bit more love!

You were put on this planet for a reason and that reason wasn't to please everyone else. It was to make your mark, stand tall and be proud of who you are!


What I learned from meeting with Callum is that even though we’re on different continents and have completely different careers, family histories and lives, there is a commonality between us: a desire to make something beautiful when the current state of the world makes it  hard to see beauty. Callum brings in elements from nature, assigns colors to emotional experiences and elevates others who are making things beautiful. Also, can we all just drop some love in the comments for his work as a Care Assistant during this pandemic? THANK YOU, Callum, for supporting others during such a challenging time. 

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Movement Genius paid Callum for the art he created. Even though this started as a passion project during the pandemic, it’s a business as well and we believe in compensating artists for their work. 

Thank you Callum for these lovely pieces for Movement Genius. We cherish them and appreciate you! 

Written by co-founder and chief operating officer, Correy ONeal.

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