The Power of Mental Health Routines

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It’s like a pre-made menu for your mental health.

Let me guess. At some point and time in your life, you might be able to relate to this series of experiences:

  1. You’re dealing with a problem you want to overcome and/or you realize you need to make some changes. 
  2. You come across a “big idea” (or maybe you see an ad for a product or read an inspirational quote) that seems like it might be the answer you’re looking for.
  3. You feel excited and motivated to take action and transform, so you can experience a better quality of life. Maybe you even make a purchase or a personal commitment.
  4. Suddenly, the excitement turns into overwhelm and feeling frozen. Perhaps your end “goal” feels far away, or you feel stuck and helpless in your current habits, or another reason.
  5. You have no idea where or how to practically begin, even if the steps are laid out in front of you.
  6. The hope of change fades and you feel a little defeated and/or find yourself wondering when things will actually get better. 
  7. Repeat. 

In this day and age, we have so much information and so many options that promise to improve our life, our health, and our relationships. Many come with a hefty price tag and gimmicky marketing language, but there are also plenty of genuine tips and free tricks that seem simple enough to implement. That is, until you try to actually do it. 

Real, lasting behavioral change follows a series of steps, starting from being completely unconscious of the need to change at all. Then, you become consciously aware and contemplate whether or not you’ll actually do anything about it. Generally thereafter, you prepare an action plan, and finally, you execute. 

When it comes to your mental health, you’ve likely seen plenty of lists of suggestions for what you can do. (They usually include deep breathing, a relaxing bath, talking to loved ones, going for a walk, and getting out into nature.) And maybe you’ve made it through the initial three steps of behavioral change, but you’re struggling to create that action plan and follow through.

That’s precisely why we created a mental health toolkit. It’s like having a pre-made menu of options, and based on your mood and needs at that moment, all you have to do is click a video and follow along. We wanted to take out some of the guesswork of finding effective stress-relief techniques and mindful movement practices that improve your well-being, so we assembled them in one place. Also, if you’re new to learning about your mind-body connection, and feeling a bit overwhelmed, this toolkit can act as a “starter pack” – or maybe more aptly, a “sampler platter” – of techniques and options. If you try something you like, you can find more videos in that category on the site. 

As always, you deserve to feel empowered and supported in your choices to improve your well-being. Whether you’re kickstarting a whole new path, or you’re feeling confused about what you need at this moment, let the daily mental health toolkit meet you where you are. Feeling better is literally just one click away.

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